About the guide

The Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PI-LI) is a test designed for assessing a candidate’s cognitive skills. These tests have formed an integral part of many firms’ hiring process. Thus, we bring to you a well-written guide that would be your mentor when it comes to these PI-LI/PLI tests. These tests are brought in use to judge a candidate’s cognitive abilities. They are considered to be a little difficult in comparison to other aptitude assessments.

The guide will walk you through the different aspects of these PI-LI/PLI tests so that you are easily able to clear the tests. Moreover, the language used in the guide is simple and easy to understand, thereby making it different from the crowd.

What is PI-LI/PLI Test?

PI-LI/PLI tests are basically designed to seek candidates possessing a high potential for getting success on-the-job performance. These tests assess a candidate’s cognitive skills pertaining to numerical, reasoning, logical, and spatial reasoning powers. Moreover, the PI-LI/PLI tests measure a candidate’s potential to learn, solve, adjust to new and changing situations, and absorb different levels on instructions.  Cognitive skills are considered to be pivotal for judging a person’s on-the-job performances as these relate to performing above expectations in jobs.

How does the PI-LI/PLI test work?

The PLI tests basically include four main subjects that can easily measure the candidate’s cognitive skill at different learning levels.

Learning abilities

The test is designed to assess a candidate’s ability to learn new things and that too at a quick pace. Successful passing of this test makes sure that the candidate would be easily able to learn new skills and teachings.

The Abilities to Easily Adjust To Various Situations

The PI-LI/PLI tests are crafted to observe whether the candidate would be able to adjust to new situations or not and if yes then to what percentage?

Problem Solving

The main aspect of PI-LI/PLI tests is that these tests can easily judge the problem solving skills of a person, which may be essential to assess the performance quotient of the person as well.

Understanding Specific Instructions

The PI-LI/PLI tests also test to what extent a candidate is able to understand the given set of instructions and then act upon them.

Most of these above mentioned skills are not written on a candidate’s resume and need to be judged before the starting of a job. This is where there these PI-LI/PLI tests come into picture as these tests can effectively review these skills.

How difficult is the PI-LI/PLI test?

The PI-LI/PLI tests include tests of your numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning skills. Thus, the difficulty level of these tests can be high as compared to other aptitude tests. These tests are crafted to observe whether you can sustain and grow successfully with your performance. Thus, these tests are prepared to give you difficult job situations, data handing questions, and various verbal reasoning situations where you need to apply your cognitive skills at their best. However, with practice, you can easily get through these tests.

How important is PI-LI/PLI test for my evaluation?

The PI-LI/PLI tests are regarded as the best tools to predict a candidate’s training success rate as well as high performance on all levels. Thus, these tests are becoming all the more important for seeking employees who can adapt to new situations on their own, learn new skills, and can easily adapt and work on new instructions. This is the reason why many firms are including these PI-LI/PLI tests in their hiring process.

What is PI-LI/PLI test passing score?

The passing score of the particular test depends upon the employer who is designing the paper. In addition, the passing score will also depend upon the number of questions that have been asked and the average score can be calculated as per the total exam score.

What kind abilities or knowledge do I need to know to pass the PI-LI/PLI test?

PI-LI/PLI tests require you to showcase your skills pertaining to logical, numerical, reasoning, and spatial reasoning and that too within a given time frame. The success in these tests determines that the candidate would have higher chances of being successful in the job scenario. Thus, candidates need to make use of their cognitive skills at the best level when undertaking these tests.

Practice Tips for PI-LI/PLI tests

Here are some useful PI-LI/PLI practice tests that can assist you in passing the exam.

Time is the Key

During most of these tests, you would be required to complete a list of questions in a given time frame. Thus, try to practice solving various questions in a particular time period.

Practice Online

Try to practice different online PI-LI test preparation samples to understand the type of questions that can be asked.

Try Sharpening Your Cognitive Skills

Remember, these tests pertain to your cognitive skills. Thus, it is advisable to go for online exercises that embellish your cognitive abilities.

Why preparing for PI-LI/PLI test is important?

PI-LI/PLI tests are soon becoming an imperative part of firms’ hiring process that is seeking candidates with high performance skills. Thus, this guide takes you through different stages of PI-LI/PLI example tests and makes you prepare to undertake these PI-LI/PLI career practice tests successfully.

These PI-LI/PLI tests assist the firms in identifying the candidates who possess the ability to shine above the rest depending upon their cognitive skills. Thus, it becomes important to successfully pass these tests to increase your success rate.